Data Clymer is a premier boutique consulting firm specializing in data culture transformation. Our proven methodology includes full data warehouse implementation, data democratization, custom training, and analytics to enable data-driven decisions across the organization. We can provide an "instant" data team or a single part-time resource.


    You can reach the summit of your data journey only when everyone is finding insights on a regular basis. Although choosing the right tool and technology is important, the ROI only comes with a paradigm shift within the ranks. Our proven methodology will instill a data-driven culture that is crucial to your competitive advantage.


    We build modern cloud data systems that democratize data for everyone in your company. Centralize all of your data into a blazingly fast cloud data warehouse, then perform analytics and business intelligence on ALL of your data. Get a 360 degree view of your customers and your business.



    We are business intelligence (BI) experts with an eye for visual design and deep experience with actionable dashboards, reports, exploration, analysis, and alerting. A user-friendly yet powerful BI tool is a critical to drive a self-service data culture.



    If a pre-built data connector doesn't exist for a data source, we'll build a custom connector for you.   We can sync data from any system into your data warehouse to realize the full power of combined data.


    In our experience, lack of trust in the data is the most common reason data initiatives fail. We will evaluate data quality, help clean up issues, and set up data quality dashboards. We also ensure that you have continuous monitoring with automated alerts to help you stay on top of any data issues.


    Let us help you reach new heights.

    San Francisco Bay Area


    We build modern cloud data systems with best-in-class solutions from our partners


    The San Francisco Giants

    "The partnership with Data Clymer was the single best decision that we at the Giants made in our efforts to quickly ramp up our Analytics efforts."



    "Data Clymer was instrumental in rolling out Looker to over 1,000 users, and on top of that the Data Clymer team improved dashboard performance by up to 6x!"



    "Having Data Clymer lead the initial build out and provide custom training was crucial to the project"



    "Data Clymer has solved many of our business problems with thoughtful, scalable, and manageable solutions that leverage best practices.






    An executive leader passionate about extracting maximum value from data, Aron founded Data Clymer to help organizations implement optimal data strategies and instill a data-driven culture. With over two decades of experience, he more recently spent seven years building and leading the Product Intelligence team at Salesforce, and another two years doing the same at PopSugar.


    Principal Cloud Data Consultant

    Paul is an expert full data stack architect. He has over 30 years experience in Data Warehousing, ETL Architecture and Business Intelligence, with an emphasis on ETL tools in large data application design and application scalability (from both a data volume and functionality perspective).


    Principal Cloud Data Consultant

    Bob is a business intelligence & analytics expert. He is responsible for creating actionable advanced algorithms used in Online Attribution and Targeting, Marketing Applications (Loyalty, Acquisition, Retention, Cross-Sell), B-B, B-C, Customer Service Applications, HR, Supply Chain. and Online Operations (Search Refinement and Dashboards), Big Data


    Principal Cloud Data Consultant

    As a seasoned cloud data engineer, John is equally comfortable architecting, building, and maintaining production grade solutions as he is with rapid prototyping. He is skilled at transforming data with frameworks built from the ground up, as well as commercial tools with a focus in cloud database warehouses, Hadoop, and Salesforce technologies.


    Cloud Data Consultant

    Naveed is a data engineer and analyst with a sharp eye on business outcomes.  Combined with excellent communication, he will drive any organization to become more data-driven.


    Managing Cloud Data Consultant

    Focused on clear results with a quick turnaround, Afzal enjoys solving complex problems. He is an expert at data analytics, business intelligence, dashboarding, data modeling, ETL and data warehousing.


    Senior Cloud Data Consultant

    A highly engaging and collaborative technology and data solutions expert, Tad is empathetic to end users; he believes that people should not be frustrated with usability of data solutions. Tad has deep expertise in analytics, data warehousing, SQL, and application integration.


    Cloud Data Consultant

    Rob is a cloud data engineer specializing in SQL and python, data modeling, dashboarding, and business intelligence.


    Cloud Data Consultant

    Stephen is a cloud data engineer specializing in full data stack implementation, data modeling, SQL, dashboarding, and business intelligence. He has years of experience writing extract, transform and load (ETL) logic to ingest and model data in cloud data warehouses. Stephen is also skilled at implementing complex Master Data Management (MDM) solutions.


    Cloud Data Consultant

    A former biology researcher highly experienced in R, Python, SQL, and analytical pipeline development. An avid learner who is highly organized and loves solving tough problems.



    Data Clymer has access to a diverse team of data experts. Not only will we guide your company along the path to data excellence, but our methodology and expertise will foster a truly data-driven culture.




    Employees: 500+

    Industry: Fashion


    Case Study: We implemented Looker on top of an Amazon Redshift data warehouse with billions of raw event data rows. This usage data was decorated with hundreds of user and product dimensions to create a rich dataset from which nearly any question could be asked. We also created a user fact table so that an unlimited number of segments / cohorts could be analyzed on the fly, by anyone in the company. Finally, we gave all employees access to the data and trained them on Looker.


    Results: Customer retention improved as the product teams discovered actionable insights about where users were getting stuck or lost. Changed company culture to be much more data-driven: Public Relations started publishing weekly stories through self-service discovery of fashion trends by country and region. Marketing optimized campaign performance by reviewing response rates on a daily basis. Plus, the data became much cleaner as all hundreds of data explorers reported issues for the data team to fix.




    Employees: 6K+

    Industry: Architecture & Design


    Case Study: After of curating a trusted enterprise data warehouse, executive leadership was ready to fully embrace a data-driven culture. Data Clymer developed journey maps to ensure that end users had extensive support through all channels and became proficient integrating data analysis into their daily routine. We then helped with the enterprise roll-out of Looker, which included solving for some difficult technical hurdles.


    Results: All technical challenges were resolved, and various teams migrated from old tools to the new enterprise standard data platform. Employees started relying less on others to pull and analyze the data, and everyone used the data to support business decisions.



    Employees: 150+

    Industry: Fashion


    Case Study: The company was languishing with too many, often nearly duplicate, metrics defined in Looker. Plus, a relatively new data engineering team could not keep up with requests for data aggregations. Data Clymer started over with a new Looker Project, built a clean and streamlined data model, and exposed easy-to-understand datasets to end users. We also trained the entire company on how to use Looker and fully leverage the data.


    Results: Over 75% of employees answer their own questions with data every week. Trusted executive dashboards run consistently and help leadership stay on top of their KPIs. The new model worked so well that Data Clymer also helped expose internal data to partners through a portal.



    Employees: <100

    Industry: e-Commerce


    Case Study: The company had been using RJMetrics for a few years but was starting to feel constrained and frustrated with the flexibility of the tool. We implemented a full data stack with a Panoply data warehouse and Looker as their new business intelligence tool. We were able to incorporate all their existing data sources along with new data sources they were unable to use previously in RJMetrics. After integrating all their data sources we built out their Looker data model.


    Results: With the Looker data model in place we were able to create new analytics reports such as user facts data which enabled advanced cohort reporting. They were also able to use some of the more robust features of Looker such as persistent derived tables, scheduled reports/dashboards, and merged results. All of these features have saved their team hundreds of hours of manual work for more concise and clear analytics. Each team is now able to pull and analyze their own data


    Company Description

    Data Clymer is a premier boutique consulting firm specializing in data culture transformation. Our proven methodology includes full data warehouse stack implementation, data democratization, custom training, and analytics to enable data-driven decisions across any organization. A typical project involves implementing a modern cloud data warehousing system: Looker or Tableau, Snowflake or Redshift, Matillion or DBT, and Fivetran. We do an equal amount of back-end data engineering as well as front-end business intelligence and analytics.


    Data Clymer is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but have people in Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago. We are now hiring part-time and full time analysts and data engineers in the midwest. We are a remote-first company, all working from our home offices. Some travel may be required.

    Why Work for Data Clymer?

    Come join us and help instill a cultural change that turns every one of our clients' employees into analysts, and do it while working in modern cloud data environments. Work remote, enjoy a flexible schedule, and work on a client's most important data. Collaborate and learn from Data Clymer's founder, Aron Clymer, who has over a decade experience building analytics solutions, leading data teams, and working with companies to instill a data-driven culture.

    Job Opening: Data Engineering & Analytics Consultant

    Data Clymer has an immediate opening for a full time Cloud Data Consultant (data engineer or business intelligence engineer) in the midwest. We will provide training on any specific tools with which you may not yet be familiar (we typically implement data stacks using Looker or Tableau, Snowflake or Redshift, Matillion or DBT, and Fivetran.). If you are currently a data analyst with strong technical skills, we want to hear from you. This is a remote position - you will work from your home office. Some travel may be required.


    Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    • Writing SQL for both data engineering and analytics purposes
    • Developing data pipelines (ETL and ELT) using Matillion or DBT
    • Data Modeling
    • Looker development: coding LookML, SQL, setting up Explores, Reports, and Dashboards
    • Holding training for both end users and LookML developers
    • General data wrangling using languages like SQL, python, etc.
    • Follow Data Clymer's design patterns and cultural change methodology
    • Working with client teams to help create a data-driven culture
    • Gathering and documenting requirements
    • Devising the best solutions based on requirements and your experience
    • Auditing data and investigating issues
    • Performing data analysis to answer key business questions
    • Willingness to get hands dirty and find solutions
    • Excellent communication
    • Excellent self-management (time, milestones, deadlines, etc.)

    Experience required:

    • Bachelor's Degree
    • Degree in Computer Science, Math, Statistics, post-college data bootcamp certificate, or 2 years equivalent work experience in data or analytics
    • Proficiency with SQL (there is a test)

    Ideal Experience:

    • Data Analytics
    • Business Intelligence tool implementation (Looker, Tableau, etc.)
    • Data visualization best practices
    • Dashboard and report design
    • ETL Development (DBT or Matillion preferred)
    • Data Engineering
    • Data Warehousing (Snowflake or Amazon Redshift preferred)
    • Data Science / Machine Learning concepts



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