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Dynamic Cohort Analysis in Looker

Looker is an amazing data platform, but because it's generic it doesn't come prepackaged with advanced analytical patterns. So, we developed this Looker block to give end users a powerful pattern for dynamic cohort analysis.

Anyone doing a deep dive analysis on customer behavior will want to easily look at a cohort and see what kinds of interesting insights can be discovered about that cohort. For instance, one simple but powerful question like "Of the customers that purchased Product A, what other products did they purchase?" can help sales target upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

In the world of SQL, this kind of question requires a sub-query to define the cohort (customers who purchased product A) and a main query to answer a question (what other products did they purchase). In the spirit of creating a friction-free, self-service analytics environment, the question is: how can we give end users the capability of dynamically creating ad-hoc cohorts at run-time and then asking other questions about the behavior of those cohorts? All without having to develop any LookML or write custom queries!

Data Clymer is a certified Looker Partner specializing in full cloud data system implementation and data culture change.

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