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Learn how you can drive a data-driven culture with a full cloud data stack

The Lastest Scoop, a lifestyle concept retailer with numerous stores in Canada, was struggling to get necessary insights from the analytics system provided by their point-of-sale (POS) vendor. All of The Latest Scoop's data needed to be centralized and democratized in more complex ways so that the business could better manage growth. Come learn how Data Clymer, a boutique services firm with decades of experience, built a new full data stack for The Latest Scoop that centralizes all POS data (customers, sales, inventory, etc.) and store foot-traffic data into Panoply. You'll also see how Looker was used to combine and democratize the data, and how Looker's powerful features solved some challenging reporting needs. The Latest Scoop can now fully leverage the power of their data.

Under the covers, we surmounted numerous data integration challenges. Panoply did not have pre-built connectors to both of the primary data source systems. However, Panoply does integrate with Stitch Data, so Data Clymer build custom connectors using an open source framework originating from Stitch, called Singer. Our custom connectors pipe data from the source systems through Stitch and into the Panoply data warehouse.

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